I just rolled my ankle. What should I do?

One of the most common questions I get is whether you should apply ice or heat to an injury. And for the longest time my answer was you should put ice on it. This was following the RICE principle which I am sure many of us have heard of before. It was an acronym that stood for Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. The RICE principle was the gold standard for a very long time but since then there has been much more research done and we aren’t so sure that using ice is the best recommendation anymore. And total rest isn’t really the best recommendation either. So, what should we do?

These days the new recommendations are much more specific and avoid ice entirely. It even has a new catchy acronym. PEACE and LOVE. Check it out.

We can see a few familiar things have made a return like compression and elevation, but we see that Icing has been kicked to the curb and rest has been changed to better reflect what you should be doing. We should be avoiding aggravating activities for a few days post injury. These are only going to make the pain feel worse and actually delay our healing! You can also see the addition of avoiding anti-inflammatories which reduce our body’s ability to heal its tissues. This is the same reason we avoid icing!

This guide is a great way to help us deal with our new injuries. But as always it is best to get the opinion of a healthcare practitioner such as your chiropractor or medical doctor.

Stay safe and keep active!

Dr. Dane Chivers


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